Krystal Resort complaints prevention team Handles Complains in Many Ways

Krystal Resort complaints prevention team is always looking for ways to reduce complaints through various tools and methods. They will look at the complaints that guests have made in the past to see where the hotel can improve. They will evaluate the hotel for any potential problems. They will try to set in place procedures and systems that can reduce the amount of complaints that are received. They can do all of these things and can probably reduce complaints, but they are leaving out their best resource. The employees who work in the hotel every day can be the best tool that the Krystal Resort complaints reduction team has. They can be used in a variety of ways.

  • Interviews with employees. The team can set up regular interviews with the different employees to ask them about the problems that they see the guests are having. Many problems are taken care of by the staff before the guest has a chance to complain, but it is still important to know about these issues.
  • Incident reports. If an employee takes care of a problem for a guest, they should fill out some type of report. This is another way to gather information about what the hotel can improve on.
  • Open Communication. The staff should be encouraged to tell their supervisors about anything that they think the hotel can do better. They often see things that others do not.

Krystal Resort complaints prevention team knows that if a hotel ignores the employees and the expertise they have, they are missing out on an opportunity to reduce the amount of guest complaints they have to deal with.